Constantly developed and improved for the past 20 years, Framework is the ultimate framework for creating and running proprietary websites. From the small one-page projects to complex heavy-traffic servers.

Key principles

Framework is built on several key principles that were fine-tuned over the years based on a need to develop and maintain dozens of niche websites without the need to modify the core program, while focusin on the presentation. Therefore, the core principle of Framework is to separate the program from presentaion.

  • Strict separation of functionality from design
  • Easy to understand file structure
  • No programming skills required to design complex pages
  • No coding skill required to program
  • Custom made, simple to use macro-language
  • Templating system seamlesly integrated into html structure
  • On-the fly compilation of pages for caching
  • Not a single line of html code in php files, not a single line of php code in html files