Technology overview

Under construction

This site, unlike the framework, is under construction

Introducing Framework a proprietary framework developed and constantly improved for over 20 years to deliver easy to understand, fast to use, yet extremely powerful and robust engine

Key features

Our framework contains dozens of other features, some of which are listed below.

Lightning speed
The average page generation time of sites built with our framework is 0.3s, regardless of complexity (framework bootstrap takes ~0.01s)
Use out of the box
Create simple websites right out of the box abstracting over development complexity
Configuration over code
100 % of your site is built in a predictable declarative manner, just plug-in and configure our ready-to-use components
Easy to learn macro language
PHP based, most of the work is done in easy to learn macro language
Integrated pre-processor
Automatic compilation of your templates and pages
Easy debugging
Configurable debugger and profiler to monitor the application is integrated in the framework